Thursday, 6 August 2015

We Made It!

Members of 100 Black Men Walk or Health At Ben Nevis summit May

After a 4 hour walk and 1,344 meters up the very very large hill that is Ben Nevis, 7 intrepid members of walking group made it to the snow capped summit of Ben Nevis!

The group braved freezing rain, vertical hail and 2 feet of snow to reach the top with the help of  seasoned guide Steve Holmes.

All in all, 23 of us took the 8 hour journey from Sheffield to Scotland, and all 23 of us set out from Ben Nevis Inn, at the foot of the mountain, to walk as far as we could up the Ben. 

At the foot of Ben Nevis 

In the capable hands of our two guides Steve Holmes and Martin McDermott, the whole party including quite a few young people, managed to get a foot hold onto the mountain and walk with the group up the tourist path.  

Even though our guides suggested that the adverse weather would mean that the summit was unreachable, 7 group members managed to fight the odds and reach the top!

We all left Scotland with memories to treasure for a lifetime!

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